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What is SocialRank?

SocialRank is a social media audience management tool and the easiest way to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram.

What is the difference between filtering and sorting?

Sorting involves organizing your followers. You can do this seven different ways: Most Valuable, Most Engaged, Best Follower, Most Followed, Alphabetized, Chronological (Newest) and Chronological (Oldest). Filters are like funnels that help you segment your followers. You can use filters to segment your followers, organize them, and then save lists or export the data.

What does Sort by Most Valuable Follower mean?

The "Most Valuable" sort shows you who your most in­​demand, influential, and potentially useful followers on Twitter or Instagram are.

Your Most Valuable Followers are determined based on a combination of factors: how many followers do they have; how many people do they follow; are they verified accounts (Twitter ­only); how often do they Tweet; and many more data points.

These factors imply that a very valuable follower doesn’t follow too many accounts relative to the number of followers he has. This prevents "trade a follow for a follow" accounts from surfacing to the top.

These factors also mean that your Most Valuable Followers might not have ever engaged with you on Twitter.

What does Sort by Most Engaged Follower mean?

The "Most Engaged" sort shows you which followers have engaged with you the most in the past 14 days.

Calculating your "Most Engaged" on Twitter primarily focuses on Retweets, Mentions, and @Replies. For Instagram, "Most Engaged" looks at comments, tags, and likes.

Your Most Engaged Followers may be easily determined in your mind if you only have a few followers, but this can be a headache for a brand with tens, hundreds, or even millions of followers. Most Engaged Follower is a great metric for individuals and brands to identify the accounts that engage with them the most. A brand can reward their Most Engaged Followers and turn them into superfans.

As of 2016 we’ve begun to pull in context around Most Engaged followers. You’ll notice on their profile card (we’ll discuss what that is in depth later) you can see a hard count for number of Retweets, Mentions and Replies.

If you click "Show Engagement" button you can see the context of their engagement.
This is super useful if you are thinking of interacting with some of your most engaged followers (whether it is for rewards, invitation to an event, etc), to have the context right in­line.

What does Sort by Best Follower mean?

Best Follower is the combination of your most valuable and most engaged followers on Twitter or Instagram. Best Follower balances your Most Valuable Follower (MVF) and Most Engaged Follower (MEF) and surfaces the bigger accounts engaging with you to the top.

Another way to conceptualize it: your Best Follower is your Most Valuable Follower who has actually engaged with you.

This gets rid of people who have engaged with you but have a relatively small presence on Twitter/Instagram. It also culls the big accounts who are valuable but haven’t engaged with you yet. As a result, you only get heavy ­hitters who’ve actually connected with you in some way.

We’ve added Recent Engagement number content and Show Engagement for Best Follower as well. This is also very useful to see the context of the engagement.

What does Sort by Most Followed mean?

Most Followed Follower is pretty straightforward. It sorts your follower list by total number of followers. People with the most followers will rise to the top. That’s it!

What does Sort by Alphabetized mean?

This allows you to sort your followers alphabetically. This can turn your followers into an address book.

What does Sort by Chronological (Newest) mean?

The Chronological (Newest) Sort lets you rearrange your followers by newest follower first (this is how you see it when you go to your follower page on or in the app).

What does Sort by Chronological (Oldest) mean?

The Chronological (Oldest) Sort lets you rearrange your followers by oldest follower first. These are your OG followers. Treat them with respect!

What is the Word Search filter?

The Word + Hashtag filter lets you find followers who have included a certain words or hashtags in any of their tweets or posts.

What is the Bios, Names and Handles filter?

This filter lets you input any word and search your followers’ bios, names, and handles. For example, you can enter the word "fashion" or "sports" and SocialRank will show you all the people that have the words fashion and sports in their bio, name, or handle. Right now you can only search one word, but in the future we plan to incorporate a multi-word search.

What is the Verification filter?

Instead of making Verification a sorting feature, we thought it made more sense to put it as a filter. You can either filter by verified or unverified accounts that follow you. Many brands have expressed interest in looking at their biggest followers that aren’t verified. We’ve seen that when you filter by unverified and sort by Most Valuable, you get much better results compared to sorting by Most Followed Follower.

What is the Activity filter?

The Activity filter lets you segment your followers by Recently Tweeted, Previously Tweeted, or Never Tweeted on Twitter and Recently Posted, Previously Posted and Never Posted on Instagram. The definitions of these three buckets can be found in this FAQ.

What is the # of Followers Filter?

This filter lets you limit your search to only people with a certain number of followers.

What is the Account Privacy filter?

The Account Privacy filter lets you toggle between viewing only private or non­private accounts on Instagram. This is useful when looking for the breakdown of public v. private followers and when looking for people to reward as a brand. You probably wouldn’t want to reward someone with a private account.

What is the Compare Accounts filter?

With the comparison filter you can compare multiple accounts and see the overlap and difference across any infinite amount of follower bases.

What is the Company filter?

The organization filter can be used to filter followers by the organizations at which they work. For example, if you wanted to see all the people that follow you that work or have worked at Disney, you can do that in a few seconds.

What is Save to SocialRank?

Once you have queried your followers, you can now save the search to SocialRank. You can name it whatever you’d like and it will then show up in your "Saves and Exports" window. Any time a new account that follows you and fits the saved search criteria, it will automatically be added to that saved search. You can also delete a saved search at any time.

What is Export To Twitter List?

Another way to save your search is to export it to a Twitter list. You can now make up to 1,000 lists, and each list can include up to 5,000 accounts. When exporting, we ask you to make a name for the Twitter list and it defaults to private, although you can also make it public. This is a good way to port  the data found on SocialRank directly back to Twitter.

Can I run more than one Twitter handle or account? How?

Yes! You can add an additional Twitter or Instagram handle by clicking on your account name in the upper right corner and the clicking "Connect new account". You can also go to "Settings", click on the "Accounts" tab and then click the "Connect new account" button."

What is Building Lists?

Using the results you get with sorting and filtering, you can build lists. This lets you take the query and add and remove the results to get the right balance of accounts you are looking for. For example, if you search followers in New York that happen to have the word Engineer in their bio and someone in the results is not someone you want, you can just easily remove them.

How can I get access to Market Intelligence?

SocialRank Market Intelligence is live and directions can be found at

My Report is taking a while to load, what’s going on ?!

Don’t worry! Your initial report may take some time to load (especially if we have lots of followers to sift through or a lot of people are using the tool at the same time), but we will send you an email when your report is ready. Once you receive your initial report, any subsequent updates occur automatically in the background.

My results look off – what should I do?

If you have a problem with your account, please email and we will resolve the problem.

I want to see a specific metric you don’t track - what do I do?

If there is a specific metric you’d like to see tracked, let us know! Shoot us a note at

What is SocialRank Premium?

SocialRank Premium is a paid subscription ($49/mo) that lets you take action with your followers. The ability to Export to CSV, Save to SocialRank, Direct Message, Follow, Build Lists, Export to PDF, and more.

SocialRank Premium helps brands and agencies take action with their audience. For the past two years SocialRank has helped brands identify and segment their audiences. Now we help them take that pivotal next step, action, inside of SocialRank.

Is there discounted pricing for SocialRank?

The pricing for SocialRank Premium is meant for social media managers. If you are a nonprofit, startup, journalist, celebrity, individual and have budget constraints - reach out to us at

What is Account Summary?

A few months back we removed something we called the SocialRank Dashboard. We didn’t love it and knew we could do better. We are bringing back many of its components in a new feature called Account Summary. In your account you can click a blue "Show Summary" button and see macro data on your audience. We have data, such as, Total Followers, Verified Followers, Follower Activity, Follower Distribution, Top Follower Location, Popular bio words, Popular words in posts, Popular hashtags in posts, and then Most Valuable, Most Engaged, and Best Followers.

The neat piece to Account Summary is the ability to make queries and have the data change. For example, if I want the account summary of only my followers that have the word "Engineer" in their bio I can rework the Account Summary for whatever query I’d like.

What is Export to PDF?

This feature lets you take out Account Summary in a PDF. This is perfect for sharing with your team or printing out and bringing to a meeting.

Find your best followers with SocialRank.

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