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A SocialRank followers report includes two primary components once it's complete and ready to view on the platform. The first side of the report includes the granular data — a list of follower profiles, sorted from top to bottom, in order of value. Profile information cards to the right of the profile list contain details for most public profiles, like follower count, bio information and engagement rates.

The flip side of an audience report provides users with dynamic summary insights for the entire follower count, or a unique segment of profiles created with filters or comparisons. This top down data approach includes analytics on the number of verified followers, fake follower percentage, gender split, top countries/states/cities, languages, and more.


SocialRank works with follower data from Twitter and Instagram. At the top of the page, users toggle between the Twitter and Instagram icons to select the data type, then search for the appropriate @handle in the search bar. If a report matching that username has previously been created on SocialRank, it will appear under reports available immediately. You can click the username to open it, or click the refresh option that appears over the status for an update. If a report is new on SocialRank, you will have the option to run the report after typing in the username. By opting to run or refresh the report, you'll be presented with 2 outcomes:

  • For Instagram, users will receive report upload instructions for a connections.json file that can be requested as part of a data download, directly on the Instagram app. For more info on uploading Instagram data, click here.

  • For Twitter, users will receive confirmation of their request if it's gone through and see that the report status is now pending. Reports under 10M followers will begin almost immediately and you'll be notified by email once it's complete.


Followers are naturally sorted by value but you can also rank them in order based on follower count, engagement metrics or recency. Segmentation begins when you click the filters dropdown and search for audience members that match certain bio or post keyword information. Additional filters include verification, follower count, gender, and location to name a few. When you've narrowed in on valuable profiles or segments, save them as a SocialRank list using the lists dropdown feature (also available for each profile in the info card).

You can revisit lists anytime in the top menu and update them. Users can also opt to save their search criteria from the filters. Finally, compare reports directly on the platform to quickly identify overlap or total unique followers. This can also come in handy as you refresh reports and develop historical data to compare against. Unlimited PDF downloads for summary insights are also included every plan to make monthly reporting easier. CSV exports are an add-on.


Right off the bat, every paid user has full access to viewing and filtering 10M+ reports that have been generated through our market intelligence service over the years. Search for competitor and influencer audiences, or compare any available reports to examine overlap and combined reach with ease. Industry specific reports can help with targeted research and identification but if a database of over 2.4 billion social profiles sounds helpful, then Cerebro is for you.

Instagram Cerebro and Twitter Cerebro are the two largest platform specific databases of profiles available on the web. They act like 1 audience with more than 1B followers that you can filter through to find the audiences you're targeting or want to stay away from. Cerebro is also powerful for influencer identification when combined with lists.

 SocialRank is made for the web. We recommend getting to your computer to have the best experience. If you need to use your phone, please turn horizontal to use.