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Use Cases

Valuable Follower Breakdown

Create a report to sort your followers based on their influence, follower count, or engagement metrics. Our system factors in each profile's recent engagement with their follower count for an influential index. You can also filter this upsampled follower data to search for segments based on location, interests, and bio identifiers. Search through our audience library for competitors!

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"SocialRank allows you to really evaluate and understand who's following you or your brand on social media, information that can be a tremendous unlock for any business!"

Andy Krainak, Brand Director, Team GaryVee

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Audience Overlap & Comparison

Compare audience reports to analyze the overlapping followers between 2 or more different social accounts on the same platform. Inform your research and partnerships teams with quantitative proof of any existing audience affinities or add up total unique followers across a combination of handles. Create follower conversion KPIs and measure results with long-term content partners.

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“After six years, we’re still discovering new and innovative ways to use SocialRank. It’s become an invaluable tool across our organization, improving our business, increasing revenue, and powering our marketing strategies.”

Kendall Ostrow, Head of Client Strategy

Audience Overlap & Comparison

Influencer Marketing

Whether you're new to influencer marketing or it's a key pillar of your marketing strategy already, SocialRank will allow you to do more for less. Filter your brand's audience to uncover partnership opportunities in the form of celebrities, micro-influencers, or publications that follow your brand. Easily understand who’s driving engagement or has an ideal follower count. Our data library Cerebro also offers marketers the ability to identify influencers to work with from over 2.4 billion profiles.

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“The Trufan team has really zeroed in on a valuable problem for brands to solve.”

Ryan Holmes, CEO

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Industry & Audience Research

Use the world’s largest social database to filter by bio or keywords/hashtags in a post to find aligned influencers. If that’s not enough, search through more than 10 million market intelligence reports on SocialRank for competitor and influencer follower data. Use audience comparisons to analyze your overlap with any one of those 10M+ reports.

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“SocialRank is unreal. I’ve only been on it for a few minutes and can already see the power of it. First off, the UI is beautiful. And the data, come on – you have to be kidding me. Thanks so much for this. I can see the servers crashing in the future – because I’m going to tell everyone about it.”

Mychael Henry, Media Enthusiast

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Historical Tracking & Measurement

Each time a report is refreshed on SocialRank, the previous report is saved. So the more you refresh a SocialRank report, the more historical follower records you'll have for that audience. Develop a monthly or weekly reporting cadence to accurately track new valuable followers or total followers won vs. lost. The versatility of comparisons with this historical data allows for very unique insights over time.

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“One of my fundamental philosophies when it comes to managing an online presence is audience interaction and engagement. Trufan will allow me to amplify this communication in a meaningful way – by showing me who matters most.”

Sam Sheffer, Influencer

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Twitter Requests & Retargeting

Teams that want more upsampled follower data and the ability to request audience reports for any public username on Twitter, can do just that. Market intelligence allows SocialRank to run Twitter data directly. So it becomes simple to request, export and retarget custom audience data that includes competitor, engaged, or overlapping audiences.

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Averaged over 11% click through rate for the all ad campaigns with custom audiences from SocialRank, at least 5% higher than normal. Campaigns also reduced their cost per click from $1.86 to $0.06

Results from VanillaSoft
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Join thousands of businesses that are using our platform to understand their online community.

You can’t find a platform like this anywhere else. Analyze your owned accounts or go through over 10 million reports and 2 billion profiles on our easy to use platform.

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