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Use Cases

Valuable Follower Breakdown

Run a report to discover your top followers based on engagement metrics, follower count or verification. Track new influential followers to uncover growth and partnership opportunities.

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"SocialRank allows you to really evaluate and understand who's following you or your brand on social media, information that can be a tremendous unlock for any business!"

Andy Krainak, Brand Director, Team GaryVee

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Influencer Marketing

Identify your most influential followers and micro-influencers that can market your brand. Analyze their audience and engagement to make sure they are a fit for your campaign and measure the results of the campaign after.

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“The Trufan team has really zeroed in on a valuable problem for brands to solve.”

Ryan Holmes, CEO

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Competitor & Industry Analysis

Find your competitor or industry’s top fans by searching and filtering through over 10M reports or over 2 billion profiles on our platform.

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“SocialRank is unreal. I’ve only been on it for a few minutes and can already see the power of it. First off, the UI is beautiful. And the data, come on – you have to be kidding me. Thanks so much for this. I can see the servers crashing in the future – because I’m going to tell everyone about it.”

Mychael Henry, Media Enthusiast

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Content Analysis

Identify and filter through people that liked, commented and tagged other people in specific posts.

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“Trufan’s platform SocialRank has really made it easy to identify the followers that care about our content or that of our small business members. This platform has made our jobs so much easier.”

Michelle Bali, Digital Service Squad Member

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Audience Comparison

Compare multiple audience reports to analyze the overlapping followers between 2 different social accounts. Stay informed by learning about existing affinities or tracking follower conversion.

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“After six years, we’re still discovering new and innovative ways to use SocialRank. It’s become an invaluable tool across our organization, improving our business, increasing revenue, and powering our marketing strategies.”

Kendall Ostrow, Head of Client Strategy

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Fan Engagement

Identify and activate your brand’s engaged fans on social media. Send them exclusive content, promotions and discounts and convert your consumers from people who just buy to advocates who buy in.

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“One of my fundamental philosophies when it comes to managing an online presence is audience interaction and engagement. Trufan will allow me to amplify this communication in a meaningful way – by connecting me with my true, loyal fans, and showing me who matters most.”

Sam Sheffer, Influencer

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